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At Smith & Esch, fitness is a lifestyle.

To be truly healthy one must change and adapt his or her life. What needs to be done to achieve this is simple; actually implementing this into your life is difficult. 

This is where we come in.

Smith and Esch is an exclusive community where our total focus is on health and fitness.  We show you how to eat, move and be healthy. 

Every time you step foot into our facility, a personal trainer will be coaching and motivating you.

This is how it works:

  1. At your first appointment, we will sit down and listen to your needs. 
  2. You will progress through three 1-on-1 training sessions and one nutritional consultation. We spend these four sessions together learning how to best customize a holistic fitness and nutrition plan for you to reach your goals.
  3. After you are introduced into the club and your plan is set, the training begins. We ask that you schedule appointments 24 hours in advance so that your coach can be prepared and available for you.
  4. As your transformation starts to happen, we monitor and adjust to your new physical abilities. 


“Being an athlete through high school and college, I have always valued staying in good physical condition. I joined Smith and Esch when it was clear that I needed some help staying in shape. Wear and tear over the years finally resulted in shoulder surgery in the summer of 2011. Unfortunately, a staph infection from the surgery evolved into a full blown nearly fatal infection. Following months of recuperation from the infection and physical therapy, in March of 2012, I asked Bill Esch to take me on as a personal training client and we began the long way back. Daily flexibility and stretching plus limited weights and low levels of cardio eventually led to less shoulder pain and greater stamina.

By January of 2013, I made a commitment to lose the weight I had gained during this recovery. In January, another medical procedure setback left me with only one lung operating properly. Again, Bill put together a plan to enhance my lung capacity and get me in shape and help lose the weight. I changed what and how much I ate, keeping careful records, and with the support of my wife and Lisa’s nutritional advice, has led to a real change in how I will eat for the rest of my life. I work out every day.

We have figured out a schedule that allows me to work hard even with limitations in my breathing. The results have been remarkable. I have lost 93 pounds since January of 2013 and hope to finally hit 100 pounds before Christmas of 2013. My experience at Smith and Esch has truly been life changing and it would not be a stretch to contend that it has been a life- saving experience.”
— David Brown, President and CEO of the Greater Omaha Chamber

We have gotten in the best shape of our lives! We saved 20% per year on our life insurance because we were able to qualify for lower rates with our improved levels of health.
— Paul and Lori Hogan, Founders of Home Instead Inc.
Becoming part of the Smith & Esch community is so much more than joining a gym. Bill and his team of engaged trainers work daily with each client toward his or her holistic fitness and health goals.

The benefits have affected me professionally and personally, well beyond physical well being and appearance. With the help of Bill, his staff and my fellow workout partners I expect that we will all keep improving and reaching levels we previously didn’t believe possible.

Aging, poor fitness, poor nutrition, and low energy is a choice. I chose Smith & Esch instead.
— Doug Wilwerding, Owner, Optimas Group, LLC
tom before after .jpg
Four years ago when I turned age fifty I was over weight and participated in no exercise programs. I decided I needed to change my lifestyle and become physically fit. My niece Ali encouraged me to join her at Smith and Esch, but I chose another gym. It was a big mistake and I ended up being robbed one night. The next day I joined Smith and Esch and have now been a member for three years. In my first week I met with Lisa and began a new diet, which I still follow today. Over the past several years I have worked out with many great trainers including Drew, Nick and Simon. The spin classes are also a part of my routine and Sarah always makes them fun and challenging. Since joining Smith and Esch I have lost close to sixty pounds. My health has improved and I feel great. My family and friends cannot believe my transformation and I often receive the comment “ look younger...” Now I participate in runs, bike events, and this past fall completed the Lincoln Spartan Race. These are all accomplishments I would not have achieved without working with the Smith and Esch team.
— Tom Lynch