The Smith and Esch Training Philosophy

By Bill Esch

I’m a kinesthetic learner. I need to experience it to really understand. I believe most people learn best this way. Little about health and fitness is really about what you know but much more importantly about what you do.

This is what we teach, believe, and most importantly do.

1) Intent is the most important part of exercise. Understanding your purpose is essential for your development. Coming into a training session with an intent is crucial to your development and progress. The body does what the brain tells it to do, as long as the message is clear and consistent.

2) Train with a specific objective in mind. Doing a little bit of everything get’s you no where fast.

3) Train functionally. Learn to operate your body, and move in a multitude of ways.

4) Train Movements. We have 7 primal pattern movements that are innately wired into us: Squatting, Hinging, Pushing, Pulling, Lunging, Twisting, and gait (walking, jogging, and running).

5) Understanding the difference between exercise and sport. The intent behind exercise is that it makes the body stronger and more resilient. The intent behind sport is to win. Win, many times at the cost of the body. Don’t confuse the two.

6) Warm ups and Cool downs are just as important as the rest of your work out.

7) Train all energy systems.

8) You are what you eat. Nutrition is your foundation. The higher quality of fuel you use the better you operate.

9) Recovery is half the process.

10) We are on the road of Mastery. a road filled with many failures that will lead to great success and a higher understanding of self.

I grew up in a gym. I love the camaraderie it brings. I love learning new movements and seeing how they relate to other movements. I love the process of mastery. I love how the challenge that lays before us will often bring us to our knees, but if we get up and dust ourselves off, we will grow and discover that we are that person that we have always wanted to be. This is why I work out, This is why there is a Smith and Esch Fitness.